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Gameday - Stadium Information

ACSC returns to Memorial Stadium in 2022!

Parking at Memorial Stadium is extremely limited.

  • Guests should plan to park in nearby public parking lots and garages. Entry points and parking in adjacent neighborhoods will be monitored and restricted. We ask all guests to please be respectful of our neighbors and their property.
  • Guests are encouraged to carpool and utilize ride sharing services to travel to and from the stadium. Drop-off is available at the stadium entrance. 
  • A limited number of handicap spaces are available near the stadium entrance. 
  • All emergency messaging will be delivered via the stadium PA system. Guests may also follow our social media accounts for important updates regarding inclement weather or other emergency situations. 
  • Lost and found is located at the concession/merchandise stand. If necessary, messages can be forwarded to the PA announcer from this location. 

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

covid-19 policy

  • Masks are not required to be worn outdoors by vaccinated individuals. 
  • Social distancing is strongly encouraged.
  • Attendees are welcome to bring their own chairs or towels to encourage distancing. 
  • All transactions will be cashless with the exception of tips for beverage staff and wristband donations. Third party vendor policy may vary.
  • The club will adhere to federal, state, and local guidelines. It is possible that one entity's guidelines may be more restrictive than another. 
  • Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


  • Season tickets for the 2022 season are now available. Season ticket holders need their wristbands for admission.
  • Single game tickets will go on sale prior to the season. Follow our social media accounts for details on specific release dates and times.
  • Your emailed receipt is your ticket(s). Please show your receipt at the gate. Your name will be on our admittance list.
  • Gates open one hour prior to kickoff. No re-entry is permitted. 
  • If a game is postponed due to weather, your tickets are valid for the rescheduled date. Refunds will not be given for events that have started and/or have been rescheduled. 
  • Please direct any questions to

code of conduct

  • Fans will be respectful towards the players, staff, officials, and fellow fans.
  • Fans will refrain from using language or displaying gestures that are foul, abusive, or obscene in nature. Platforms for display include clothing, signage, chants, social media posts, or any other methods.
  • Fans will abide by both the venue and the USL Smoke Device Policy. Adherence to this policy includes only the use of approved devices, timing of use, locations, safety precautions, and users with signed waivers on file.
  • Fans will follow directions from venue staff regarding compliance with the Fan Code of Conduct, stadium policies, and emergency procedures.
  • Fans that consume alcohol will be of legal age and do so in a responsible fashion.
  • Fans will not behave in ways that are unruly, disruptive, inappropriate, or illegal in nature.
  • Fans will not fight or incite violence.
  • Fans will not damage property either inside or outside the venue.
  • Fans will not interfere with the progress of the match including entering the playing field or the surrounding area, throwing objects, including throwing objects on or towards the field or declining to promptly return a ball that has gone out of play.
  • Violation of the Fan Code of Conduct will result in sanctions as deemed applicable by the United Soccer League office and Member Club including but not limited to warnings, ejections, venue bans, removal of supporter privileges, or arrest.


Asheville City Soccer Club, through its support of the Just Play Initiative, has made matches more inclusive and accessible for neurodivergent supporters. The club has made available a matchday checklist, in association with the The Arc of North Carolina, which outlines a supporter’s night - from getting to the stadium to the end of the match – to mitigate the unknown. 

Changes to routine can be difficult for people who are neurodiverse, particularly if this change is an overwhelming sensory occasion, such as a soccer match. By mapping out the night ahead, the checklist establishes a routine. This checklist can help reduce anxiety, who otherwise might find the loud noises, sights, and even new smells, from things like food stalls, unnerving. We call the list a blueprint for the night, as it covers all angles, such as getting to the game, where you sit, and how the game goes. The checklist can make the difference between a neurodivergent person going to a match or avoiding such nights out.

Asheville City Soccer Club believes it is imperative that neurodivergent persons are not seen as others, but as simply people in the community. They’re our sisters and brothers, and they are supporters of our club. 

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